Saturday, 22 October 2016

Cuban Caribbean colours collided with English country gent aesthetics in the ss17 Paul Smith show this season. An intense cocktail of kaleidoscopic colour and print engulfed the overtly exotic show which featured rainbow striped summery shirts, light knits and Hawaiian style tees. Each design was splashed in an array of tropic colours including banana yellow, zesty lime and curacao cocktail blue for a hedonistic holiday flavour. But the tailored cuts, slick slacks and super smart blazers kept things calm and mature despite the mayhem, giving each look a more gentlemanly edge that seemed to suggest ‘English garden party’ in places rather than heady Havana beach parties. However, the proliferation of wild floral shirts, rustic wooden beatnik beads and plentiful ‘Peace’ slogans gave things a completely blissful hippie heaven twist which matched the vivaciously sultry hues. Viva la fashion revolucion…:-)
cuba libre
paul smith

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Alessandro Michelle continued on his valiant quest to refresh the Gucci label by using bold prints and colours with a spritely bohemian twist for ss17. A youthful bunch of bespeckled models marched down the runway as if they were ‘Summer of Love’ students protesting for sexual freedoms in Haight Ashbury during 1967, while picnics in English countryside meadows were conjured through the use of wild rose and daisy prints. A French edge was added to proceedings with guys in candy striped jumpers featuring rustic necktie prints, as African savannah grasslands were echoed through zebra print shirts drenched in a zesty sunset orange. But the California cool kids were not too far away either in their varsity jackets, Hawaiian print shirts and Donald Duck ‘Disney’ prints which brought a sweet touch of American pop-culture to the otherwise eccentric and overgrown affair. Overall then, a perfect balance between blissful hippie hedonism and mass-market populism…:-)
summer love

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Xander Zhou channelled bohemian Buddhist monk vibes at LC:M this season with his show-stopping ss17 edit of oversized looks. Billowing baggy denims fused with elongated hoodies and draping knitwear, while patent coats appeared in sweeping long length proportions. The overall effect of this was definitely ethnic in its form, as visions of Tibetan monks filled our minds; we pictured pious prayer men drifting around the pagodas of Myanmar in pastel pink hoodies and vermilion knits instead of the typical tangerine robes. The forest green camouflage looks also added to the allure as we envisaged earthy landscapes swathed in lush green tropical jungles. The intention was probably much more urbanised and streetwear in its vision, but nevertheless, we saw something richer, with an overwhelmingly spiritual spirit that is sure to catch on….:-) 
into tibet
xander zhou

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Casely Hayford concocted a creative display of clashing prints and colours for ss17 which instantly made us think of Romany gypsy dress. A profusion of rustic paisley prints evoked the rustic charm of caravan route costumes while gold coin necklaces made us think of belly dancing beauties in their extravagant and over-board bling. The extroverted shapes of classic gypsy frou frou gowns where reinterpreted through a menswear lense using voluminous capes covered in blush rose hues while rural life stood central to the theme with cow hide patterns on men’s shirts & overcoats. Ripped jeans with frayed patchworks also added to the organic aesthetic which was summed up nicely by the warm earthy colours; think cornfield golds, bold rosehips, iris blues and cloudy whites…:-)
gypsy trip
casely hayford

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sibling wetted our next-season taste buds at LC:M for ss17 with a fresh mix of gleaming white looks laced with lashings of colour. Signature knitwear staples like cardigans and sweaters obviously appeared as usual, but this time doused in summery sweet colours, including glace cherry, lime cordial and a blissful berry blue. The flavour reminded us of sampling pastel coloured ice-creams on a bright summer’s day by the beach, and the dominance of a white-hued base colour in most pieces served to enhance this vibe even further, like the powdery froth of seaside waves. Sparkling sequins on the tops and sultry swimshorts captured catwalk lights like rays of seashore sunshine, while towel-like fabrics and the beach towels themselves brought the beachside feel to the fore. It was a mellow and laid-back love affair with summer that definitely toned things down in comparison to past collections. But the pouty and playful Sibling attitude was certainly still there in abundance, as seen in the models’ cheeky grins & show-off poses…:-)
sugary shores

Saturday, 13 August 2016

South Korean design extraordinaire Songzio graced London Collections: Men with awesome oceanic vistas for ss17 with his aptly entitled ‘Oceans’ show. An alluring aquamarine colour palette dominated the horizon as hand-drawn wave prints adorned crisp shirts, blazers and loose fitting summer shorts. A powder blue suit seemed to capture thoughts of a paradisiacal summer skyline while printed shirts with splashes of colour evoked coral in crystal clear waters. Smart silhouettes were defined by neat tailoring but enriched through the use of extroverted prints with a slice of exoticism; think crisp blazers paired with billowing shorts and beach-ready sandals, and painted in lush jungle greens like a canopy of palm trees framing a picture-perfect palm-fringed bay. Deep blue hues with streaks of white finished things off like a foaming and frothy wave roaring its way onto a deserted desert island dream in the middle of the South Pacific. Absolute fashion paradise…:-)
island life

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Astrid Andersen embarked on a journey into the Occident for spring summer 17 with a collection of oversized oriental silhouettes and exotic iconography. Kimono style cape jackets re-appeared in lustrous gold tones that reflected the dazzling glory of Ming Dynasty palaces, or the stunning Buddhist Swedagon Pagoda of Burma. The glittering gold hues also laced striped patterns which adorned t-shirts and coats that were typically adorned with Astrid’s now famous Varsity style logo. But sportswear was thankfully less of a theme this time round as Astrid focused on luxe materials like lace panels which took the collection to a more tropical and adventurous climate. Fanciful floral patterns could have been taken directly from decorative the Hindu murals of South East Asia’s most impressive temples, while the overall colour palette was enriched with glorious satin-sheen finishes. Several looks were also elegantly completed by Buddhist prayer beads that summed up the entrancing nature of the fashion picture. It was definitely a trip for the hardcore traveller...:-)
into the occident
astrid andersen