Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sacai ventured into the Peruvian Andes for ss17 as models trekked the runway in ethnic inspired outfits. Athletic hoodies were reimagined in baggy silhouettes that resembled tribal ponchos while bomber jackets and loose-fit trousers were laced with gypsy-inspired paisleys. Layering was a key focus for the show with comforting cardigans, string vests, fine floral jumpers and sunset pink overcoats featuring consistently. All were arranged in a delightfully slouchy silhouette that captured visions of the nonchalant elegance that defines tribal mountain herders in their snow-laced Patagonia peaks. There was a distinct artisanal feel about the clothing which could have easily been hand-crafted in traditional and age-old ways by humble villagers with their spinning wheels in the hills. Indeed this is what the designer probably intended with those romantic Navajo stripes and the nature-infused blossoms that adorned many of the jackets and super-soft jumpers…J
patagonian peaks

Saturday, 26 November 2016

No.21 has clearly taken a more laid-back approach to fashion with their ss17 collection. The runway show was swapped for an eclectic exhibition featuring models lying around on sofas and stretching as if they had just woken up from a lazy slumber. Clothing was similarly carefree with an exotic mix of tropical jungle prints fused with louche lounge-about layering that you would typically wear at the weekend. A streetwear vibe was captured with varsity slogan bombers and skate-culture plaid hoodies, while images of Mod and Rocker youth rebels were evoked through the use of preppy anoraks and Rockabilly Elvis tees. But the fruity colours and palm tree prints gave the collection a much more sultry charm; think Orange County cool kids wasting time between their surf breaks at beachside Surf City bars…J
oc cool kids

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Prada seemed to parachute a vibrant new style onto the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week for ss17 with a sporty edit of eccentric designs featuring base-jumper style bodysuits. High shine fabrics in rainbow colours resembled the lightweight but lustrous materials that are frequently used to make zeppelins and parachutes. The look was then further exemplified with strappy backpacks and messenger bags that were wrapped around the models, as if the they were ready to jump out of aeroplanes and into thin air with their chutes attached. Water bottles added to the adventurous feel along with snap buckle belts with air-ready metallic twists. The psychedelic colour palette finished things off with grace and finesse like a dreamy sunset in the sky amidst brilliantly hued hot air balloons…J
parachute power

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Donatella apparently headed to Glastonbury for ss17 inspiration this season as she showcased a casual Versace collection featuring Pac-a-Mac parkas and cool cagoules in riotous, rock-ready prints. The classic rain-weather anorak was a central focus in the summer-fuelled collection, which made us think of iconic rainy days going wild in a Somerset field. Colourful kaleidoscopic prints captured the energy and excess that takes over each summer at the world-renowned festival, when party-goers get mashed on music and more against a backdrop of muddy slop and non-stop British rainclouds. But Donatella clearly prepared for next summer’s party with this highly functional edit featuring rock and roll skinny jeans, waterproof jackets and practical hi-tops to deal with dancing on the grass all day. Brilliant and useful bum-bags also made an appearance to keep your valuables safe as you jump like a music-obsessed maniac in front of the Pyramid stage for the headline act…J
glasto glamour

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Missoni’s men took the role of cowboys for spring summer 17, but not in the typical way. Wild western connotations only appeared in the straw cowboy hats which some models donned, as sharp Stetson boots were side-lined for lattice leather slip-ons that could work just as well on beach sands as they could in the US Badlands. The rugged earthy tones fused with temptingly turquoise hues on shirts and shorts, which seemed to signify a much more tropical cowboy environment. This was confirmed by multi-coloured parrot stitch jumpers and lizard print vests featuring almost Aboriginal icons. As the models waltzed out, the exotic setting became even clearer with psychedelic burnt orange swirl shirts that seemed to capture blissful visions of sacred orange rocks in the burning Australian outback. Forget Missoni’s overplayed Aztec prints and Navajo Indian colours; this was Uluru instead and the cowboys were as original as it gets; Aboriginal heroes with a Northern Territory twist…J
outback aboriginals

Saturday, 29 October 2016

It’s a tropical trip into the jungle this season as H&M teams up with Kenzo for its annual designer collaboration. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon seem to (finally) be celebrating the eclectic and carefree nature of Kenzo Takada’s original design vision with a focus on ‘diversity.’ What this means in reality is a rejection of the sportswear-heavy propaganda that has somehow dominated the last few Kenzo collections in favour of Takada’s more eccentric and bohemian design perspective. Gone is the focus on Varsity team staples like baseball caps, slogan sweaters and bomber jackets, and in is a focus on being bold and exotic, like the label’s founder would have wanted. Fluffy fur jackets have emerged in a psychedelic mish-mash of zebra stripes while jeans are drenched in loud leopard prints. The colours of the rainforest have been expertly invoked through tree-canopy green coats and dragonfruit red sweaters as turquoise beach blue shirts make us think of perfect castaway shores on a remote desert island. In this respect, Lim and Leon have done Takada proud by bringing home the true conception of Kenzo rather than the hyper standardised sports version which they too often seem to roll out each season when the Paris runway shows come around. And this is definitely a good thing for those who want to own an authentic slice of the Kenzo dream at a much more affordable price..:-)
back to the jungle
kenzo x H&M

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Cuban Caribbean colours collided with English country gent aesthetics in the ss17 Paul Smith show this season. An intense cocktail of kaleidoscopic colour and print engulfed the overtly exotic show which featured rainbow striped summery shirts, light knits and Hawaiian style tees. Each design was splashed in an array of tropic colours including banana yellow, zesty lime and curacao cocktail blue for a hedonistic holiday flavour. But the tailored cuts, slick slacks and super smart blazers kept things calm and mature despite the mayhem, giving each look a more gentlemanly edge that seemed to suggest ‘English garden party’ in places rather than heady Havana beach parties. However, the proliferation of wild floral shirts, rustic wooden beatnik beads and plentiful ‘Peace’ slogans gave things a completely blissful hippie heaven twist which matched the vivaciously sultry hues. Viva la fashion revolucion…:-)
cuba libre
paul smith